Delabole Community Primary School


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The school was opened in 1879. It was built in an early Gothic Style, comprising a central block with wings and a turret with an open octagonal belfry, surmounted by a spire. It was inspired by a drawing from Sylvanus Travail, a well known London Architect in his time. The building is substantially unchanged to this day on the outside, but many refurbishments have happened over time inside, to make the classrooms and hall as modern as possible, and fit for the 21st century.

A new classroom was added on the back in 1997, and a library extension was built in 2004. There is a large playing field at the back of the school, which is used for football, cricket and athletics, and a play area in the Summer months.

We also have a small Science garden with pond, which the children help to maintain throughout the year and a vegetable/fruit garden which pupils run and maintain. In November 2008 we planted 1000 daffodil bulbs in support of Macmillan Nurses. This will provide a vibrant splash of colour in the Spring.