Delabole Community Primary School


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Delaoble Community Primary School is a member of the Creative Learning Multi Academy Trust and as such there are a board of Directors who are responsible for all aspects and functions of the schools within the Creative Learning Multi Academy Trust.


Chair of Directors - Mrs Anna Daglish

Finance Director - Mr Richard Alexander

Director - Mr Richard Burgess

Director - Mrs Marianne Tapper

Executive Director - Mrs Sue Cox

Each member school has a local Governing Body.

The Local Governing Body 

The Local Governing body is made up of a group of volunteers who help to support the school. They each have a representative function, and are a point of contact between the school and the community of Delabole. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, each Governor will be happy to hear from you.


Local Board of Governors


Appointed by the Directors

Mrs Patricia Molloy

 Mrs Ruth Krolik

 Mr Clyde Ferguson


Appointed by Parents



  School Management

    Mr James Pritchard 


Staff Representation

            Mrs Stephanie Lane            


Clerk to the Governors

Mrs H Dipper

Arrangements for the next election of Parent Governors

Nominations for the next election of Parent Governors will be sought once the current term of office of the present Parent Governors comes to an end. The Parent Governors then elected will serve for four years unless they resign before the end of that period.