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Curriculum links

We often use a range of interent based resources to improve our learning.

Here are some of the  links we have been using in the class.


Mr Pritchard's iboard links


The 'Wee Man' at the Eden Project

BBC Solar System

Met Office Science

The Sun

Speech punctuation

The Scale of the Universe

The Natural History Museum

Spanish Bingo

Cube Roll

Deadly Sixty Variation/Classification Game

First News




How to draw Graffiti 

Tate Graffiti

Disaster and Emergency Committee 

Darwin' s Journey 

How to draw like Leonardo Da Vinci

Time Zones

Biomes and Habitats

Creation Myths

WW2-People's War

Bombs sites in London

Volcano Videos

Where are volcanoes erupting? 

Volcanoes - Newsround

Volcano facts

Volcanoes - Weather Wiz Kids

How to watch the solar eclipse safely

How to make a pinhole camera

Plate tectonics

BBC Stargazing

Music Titles

BBC Bitesize - Living things

Online Keyboard

The lifecycle of plants

BBC Bitesize - Materials

The General Election

BBC Policy guide

Rock Pools

Ancient Greek Pots

Newsround - British Bake Off


Earth as Art

How the Earth and the Moon move around the Sun

Principia - Tim Peake's Mission to the ISS

Just how big is big in Space?

Tim Peake's Diary

Topographic Maps of Cornwall

'Holes' by Louis Sachar

Changes in Materials

Delabole School Reading Questionnaire

The Risks of Mining 1

The Risks of Mining 2

The Risks of Mining 3

The Risks of Mining 4

The Risks of Mining 5

The Extraordinary Convention

Classifying Creatures

Sorting Plants, Animals and other Creatures into Groups and Kingdoms

Digital Use Survey